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Tips to getting the right bra at the Boxing Day sales - or making sure your chest doesn't substitue for airbags!

Posted on 20 December 2014




Okay ladies the Boxing Day sales are just around the corner and lets face it many of you will be running to the lingerie section.  Every woman on the planet wants lingerie that is gorgeous and if it happens to be on sale, well, what a bargain, right? I want you to do me a favour.  Open your lingerie drawer.  Honestly how many of those bras do you wear?  Oh I know that the balconet in that sweet designer print looks gorgeous but when you finally came back to reality you realised that it could only hold one of your breasts and well, it hasn't seen your chest or the light of day since.  

As I say to everyone I fit, if you aren't wearing it and it doesn't make you feel gorgeous then you have just wasted your money.  Suddenly all those 'bargain' bras are as we say 'not so much'.

Never fear help is at hand - read my simple tips on how to get you into the right bra and survive the Boxing Day sales.  Buckle up ladies!


1.  Don't wait for the sales to check out the merchandise - As you are madly buying presents, take yourself up to the lingerie section for half an hour.    Armed with an iphone take photos of the bras you are interested in and take them into the change room and try them.  Doing an edit and a try beforehand allows you to skip the changing room on the day and reduces the temptation to buy the wrong thing.
2. Take an inventory of your bra wardrobe - what do you need? What do you wear? Do you have major events coming up in 2015 that require special lingerie?  Shapewear? Be realistic.  If you live in sports bras the reality is that you probably won't need 10 lace numbers. Match your photos against your needs and get a list together.  Be strong, you can do it.
3.  Wear separates and clothes you can get in and out of - This is not the day to wear a dress.  Comfortable clothing is a must. Think of how many times you will have to get dressed and undressed during the day.  Make sure you are ready for it.  
4. Does this really fit - Don't be seduced by pretty fabric, do your breasts sit in the cup?  Where is the underwire sitting? If you can feel it, you'll hate it.  Sit down in  the bra - does it cut in? Lift your arms up - if the bra comes with you it should not come home. Are the straps digging in?  Lean forward.  What view are you giving the world and would your Mother approve? Have you adjusted them?  Hint: They should be adjusted and not like they come on the hanger! 
5. Pack like you are travelling - it's a given you will be waiting at some point.  It's easier not to lose your sense of humour if you come prepared.  Take a bottle of water with you (overheated change rooms are murder), deodorant always makes me feel better and hand sanitiser always helps.  I always take a book or ipad with me just in case - that way I can do price comparisons and catch up with any reading at the same time!
6. Keep your hands free - this is not the time to have a thousand things to be responsible for.  One bag, preferably slung across your body should do it.  Leave the suitcase at home unless you are taking one with you to lug your shopping in.  Yes ladies I did this in the States so I had my hands free.   



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