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There are no 'odd' breasts, 'strange shaped' boobs or 'hard to fit' mammaries! Your fitter needs to think differently

Posted on 06 January 2015

Words are powerful things.  Yesterday I arranged to meet  a gorgeous, active woman who had a slight curve in her spine and who needed a bra for her Grand-daughters wedding. On meeting me at a well known Melbourne Department store she told me two things - she was 86 and that she was 'odd', a 'strange shape' and she apologised.

I asked her why she thought that was the case.  She said she'd been fitted in Wollongong and that two fitters had run around saying those very things to her.  And then they put this amazing woman in an 18B and sent her on her  way.  

Val is a 12B.  I would have put her in a 10 but as she finds it hard to do up the back, I wanted to give her just a little more stretch.  I also put her in the right bra first go.  A light bra because she has a curve in her spine and she is, despite her amazing skin, 86!  And yes, I don't often lurk in change rooms, but I brought my own bras in to fit her just in case we could not find anything.

I wish I could say the story ends there.

As I waited for Val to try on her dress with the bra (yes she had brought it with her), a cubicle door opened and a fitter said to a client, 'I don't know how I can help you - it does look odd on you.  I'm not sure what I can do to make you look better.'  There it was again. Throw away words which don't get thrown away but carried by us so that they become our reality.  The way we view ourselves.  The voices in the head. A measure of our worth.

Another woman standing near me was also visibly shocked.  We chatted and I made some suggestions for her - she'd been waiting for some time for additional bras.  I adjusted her bra, I told her what to look for.  She told me she'd just come out of maternity bras. We talked about her experiences. She asked me what I did.  I told her. 

I had almost made it to the last floor before she caught up with me on the escalator.  She asked for a card. I gave her one.  You see she said, I had not passed comment on her body, she had not felt lacking.  It was easy I said. There are no such things as 'odd' breasts, 'strange shaped' boobs or 'hard to fit' mammaries - just fitters who need to think differently.  

It's January and with the beginning of any year comes endless possibilities. Let's make this the year we stop apologising for what we have.  Declutter your mind of those throw away lines and embrace the possibility that maybe there is nothing wrong with you.

As for Val, she is looking forward to dancing at the wedding and she's promised me she may even flash her bra - because she can!


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