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Time to break up with your bra - when it's time to let old your old faithful go.

Posted on 01 March 2015



For many women bra shopping only happens when that old faithful finally looks at you one morning and decides it just can't support you anymore.  You've been together for a long time - in fact old faithful may have seen you through relationships, had a short break when you had children or lost or gained weight, but through it all it was the trusty, go to bra.  And now it's over.

I see women all the time who come in with old faithful and share the story of their courtship.  After a eulogy of sorts, we pay homage to that faithful bra and gently put it to rest. 

I'd like to get you excited about buying a new bra, and here is why.  

Firstly, a new bra is a chance to explore a new style, cut or even colour.  You don't have to commit to it but without old faithful, you aren't cheating.  Sometimes we just go back to what we know because it's easy.  We don't even think about whether it flatters us or our shape.  

I'll let you into a secret, new bras can be comfortable.  I know you've worn in old faithful.  In fact the elastic left a long time ago and the straps have had more falls than a groom on his bucks night.  Don't mistake lack of support for comfort - your breasts haven't and they are virtually bouncing for joy at the thought of finally getting some support.

What shape flatters me?

I'm glad you asked. Let's chat about what, as a rule, flatters different breast shapes (yes, we are all different)

Full Breasts - Depending on whether you are full all over, those of us blessed with an almost perfect O shape (round all over) should embrace a three part bra.  A three part bra (just in case I've lost anyone) is exactly that - a bra that has 3 parts to it the most important being a separate piece on the side which acts as the line of defence against the O leaving the cup and spreading out and over edge.  I've taken a shot below to show you.


If you are looking to spice things up, a balcony or plunge bra can also look amazing.  Again, there is no hard and fast rule, what looks sexy on one woman can look down right tacky on another.


Fuller at the bottom - Gorgeous women whose breasts are 0 shaped, sometimes find it difficult to fill a bra with a lace top. For you my dear ladies, a sweetheart shaped cup or a balconet gives the illusion of fullness without compromising on support. It's really important that the straps offer you the right support and that it isn't digging in to you.  Please believe me that unlike jeans, a bra should not give that much.  Get a bra that is comfortable now, not one you think will be comfortable once it has been stretched to goodness.

Does it come in other colours?

Depending on how adventurous your feeling, bras do come in colours other than white, black or beige.  And red it is not the only colour guaranteed to get pulses racing.  Again, without making a commitment step out and try a colour you wouldn't have tried before.  Even if you don't buy it you'd be amazed how different colours work on your skin tone.  I know for many of us a bra is a neccessary evil - we don't think about whether that colour flatters us, if it fits correctly or how it makes us feel - and yet we do with our other clothes. Would you buy a dress or a top that didn't flatter you or make you feel gorgeous or indeed fit?  NO you wouldn't.  So don't settle when it comes to your bra.


Buy once and Buy well  or Buy one and Buy well

Replacing your underwear can be expensive.  In fact your lingerie drawer is probably littered with bras that were on sale (oh that bargain is only a bargain if you wear it), or that you thought you would one day fit into (Breasts are funny things, they don't really respond to a treadmill as much as your booty does).  Here is a rule - buy once and buy well.  Heck, let me extend that to buy ONE  and buy well.  One great fitting bra is better than a draw full of ill fitting ones.  Over time you can build your bra wardrobe but in the meantime you and your girls will be positively perky!

Get Fitted or ask advice

Anyone who has ever been fitted by me, emailed me with questions or indeed ordered from the website knows that I am always happy to answer questions.  If it's not me, then please find someone you trust and ask them to fit you or ask them questions.  If they are trying to purely 'sell you' and you feel they aren't interested in educating or helping you, walk away. The world is full of bad, ill fitting underwear, and any fitter worth that title should be wanting to make sure you and your girls get the very best.  Don't settle - a comfortable bra that makes the best of your assets is a right not a luxury!

If you've been spurred into action and need to be fitted either in person or by Skype here's the link http://missscarlettdidit.com.au/pages/miss-scarlett-fits

Or if you have questions please don't hesitate to either email me, visit our facebook page  or ring me.  Always happy to help a Scarlett woman.

Yours in great underwear


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